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She likes to participate in new adventures and if there something you request that she hasn’t already done, you will be amazed by the flair with which she performs new stuff. That’s her fetish. She gets super excited and if you tap into that unexplored part of her kinkiness you will be a part of one of the best sexual experiences available on the internet. That energy will drive mutual satisfaction to the new heights and get you instantly hooked to this kind of sexual interaction.

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Visiting a private show by Naomi Kitten is the best possible way to combine reality and fantasy and has all the advantages of anonymity and intimacy combined with none of the disadvantages. Frequent in her private shows and get a tailored performance every time you visit, get immersed in her perversion and let her into the kinky part of your mind. The only thing you will regret is not trying it sooner.

3 rules for new cam girls

Sexy webcam

You always wanted to become model, even ended once model courses, went to a casting, but — career somehow did not develop? And not because feet are curve or the person did not leave. Simply it was not lucky. But the desire to work in show business remained. And maybe, you also did not go never to a casting, courses of models did not finish, but somewhere at heart always felt that there is a wish for something creative, there is a wish to shine and be pleasant to the audience.

Sexy webcamAnyway, if you decided to address, at last, concerning employment in webcam studio, it is obvious that current work to you became loathsome enough, and you decided to bring a new stream in the daily occurrence. For certain, you are a girl (or the guy) fairly clever, differently and words such would not know, how to “webcam” and “Internet”. For certain, perfectly you understand that such clear heads and beauties as you, on open spaces of a world wide web in bulk therefore somehow to be distinguished from them, to get the viewer, to be untwisted and start earning really, insufficiently joyfully to tell everyone that you in online also are ready to show in private show to it “something”. More than it is enough such good in a network and without you — believe, new to webcam sites, you will not show anything to the experienced user. How to be then? In what a secret of the good income and success of the untwisted models?

We will not speak now about methods of promotion of models on the Internet. This question deserves separate consideration, and a professional advice is necessary here. Before speaking about promotion, it is necessary, at least, to learn to hold that audience who already for one reason or another decided that wishes to spend the money for viewing of your show.

Therefore, to you how the beginning model, will not prevent to learn the basic rules without which observance your work will remain a lottery not only for you, by the principle “I will earn — I will not earn”, but also for your viewer, by the principle “and whether there is in this lottery a prize fund as that?”

How you think with what there has to begin any model respecting itself? It is beautiful to put on and carefully to impose a make-up? Undoubtedly, without it you should not even sit down at the computer. Appearance plays sometimes (but by no means not always) a crucial role, but there is one more party of a question without which even Miss World will be doomed to a failure. I is banal I speak about a technical aspect of work.

Before it is joyful to settle down in front of a chamber in an anticipation of crowd of enthusiastic admirers, learn to use correctly a portal at which you are going to work. Agree that the viewer will be very disappointed if in the middle of communication, you incidentally press not that button and suddenly will disappear for about ten minutes. Here no beauty and wit will rescue.

Therefore, be not too lazy to study attentively all pages and functions of the site, to read instructions, to learn rules of this site, to understand and remember as works, what opportunities are given you by this system. The knowledge of a webcam portal is not limited to the Start Show button. The correct use of each of numerous “counters” increases your earnings by a certain small share, in the sum very considerable rise will be got. Do not forget that the majority of the sites English-speaking, and it complicates a task. At the beginning the basic rule governed at the address both with the site, and with equipment: “You do not know authentically – do not do”. Thus you will avoid risk something to damage or to spoil. But, time you not only the beauty, but also the clear head, will cope with it easily. Having armed with knowledge of technical questions, we will pass to an essence of work of webcam model.

What is necessary to gain good income? Undoubtedly, the audience who will be ready to pay for communication with you are necessary. It is desirable that after the first viewing of your Internet show they came back to you again and again, and still positively spoke of you in a network, raised ratings. In that case the stable and high income will be provided to you. To acquire own spectator audience, it is necessary to be able to be pleasant, to be able to become “the lady pleasant in every respect” as the classic spoke.

If you are at least a little familiar with psychology elements, has to know that men, unlike women, are more focused on visual perception. The man is very easily excited from a visual irritant, the type of the beautiful girl by definition will cause in it the mass of positive emotions. But there is also a reverse of the medal: any annoying trifle suffices to cause in the man feeling of disgust to that he sees. Will seem to you, what you would shine, and the viewer suddenly “without declaration of war” will leave your society, having left you tensely to try to understand, what you made not so?

girl putting makeup onThat there were no similar incidents, it is necessary to acquire the FIRST RULE: men hate women who do not watch for themselves. This rule seems simple only at first sight. Still, after all any model in senses will not appear before the spectator audience which is not brushed, without make-up and carelessly dressed. You consider what to brush the hair, make up and fasten beautiful “belongings” enough that the man saw in you the well-cared beauty? You are mistaken!

Specifics of working as a camgirl are such; the screen can see you close up via the professional camera, and small shortcomings to which in life it is possible not to pay also attention, can be evident not simply, and cause squall of negative feelings in the unfortunate viewer.

Complaints which I heard from lips of men — users of major webcam sites, frankly speaking, surprised. Look, on what men complain.

“If at model armpits and feet are insufficiently shaved, at some point it is evident and causes disgust … associations with a dirty, not well-groomed body … it does not excite … absolutely”. What conclusion you have to draw? Conclusion simple: if in life it is possible to dare to depilate standing and to shave armpits only time – two per week, the model has to do it practically every time before beginning communication with the audience.

Here one more complaint heard by me: “Somehow time the model very much came nearer to a chamber, and I noticed that it has small black short mustaches … at me, excuse, normal heterosexual orientation … female mustaches … it something …”

“Sometimes you look at the girl … it seems all she is good, would fall in love … the word of honor … but a hairdress … on the head unclear that as though they are dolls, but not people … in life it is terrible to touch such hair … surely will hear the angry complaint that it has a hairdress … it is not necessary to touch it … here and my imagination when I see model with too a fancy construction on the head … thought what this girl would tell me many “tender words” if I decide it to pat on the back”.

It is surprised? And anything, by the way, the strange. Men love when female hair cause desire to touch them, and hate too frankly curled, recolored or hairdresses. So for model the most successful hairdress will be pure, accurately brushed and let long hair down. If you have a short hairstyle, it is not necessary to build of it “nest” by means of a varnish. It is necessary to achieve that the hairstyle looked most naturally, irrespective of color and the invoice of hair. Such head excites the man’s imagination, causes desire to touch female hair and does not awake any negative emotions.

“I very much like to look at female hands … they graceful and gentle … but if I suddenly see at model the peeled-off varnish on nails, it makes repellent impression, attractive the girl in other relations … would not be what”

I brought a little bit most often found complaints which heard from lips of men — regular visitors and main users of adult cam services, admirers of webcam of models, fans of webcam shows …

Personally I do not see any convincing justifications of why some models do not watch themselves and dare to appear in front of a chamber with unshaven armpits and the broken-off nails. If you agree with me, for you the similar behavior too seems wild, consider that show business you already took the first step to success in cams.

mans mindThe SECOND RULE which the beginning model has to remember very firmly, concerns already directly man’s psychology and behavior of model in the course of communication with the audience.

Irritates men if the girl does not love the body and belittles the advantages. If you pay attention of the man to any shortcoming, that, cannot doubt, he will believe you! Why so occurs? Simply men are subject to a stereotype that the good – means sure, and bad is means weak and uncertain. If you are not sure of yourself, in the opinion of the man it looks very unattractively, you are as if good yourself were objectively.

If you hesitate of the body, the man can come to a conclusion, as you consider sex as “dirty” occupation. There is enough that this thought lodged in the male head to spoil all impression about itself. Such thought gradually compels the man to take a position of an aggressor, the bad person who wishes to make with you that you consider disgusting. If you behave as if sex for you something shameful, the man starts feeling bad, guilty, and it does not cause desire to continue communication.

What to do? If you are not self-assured, there are no chances to become webcam model? Anything similar! To learn to love an own body it is possible if to make for it some efforts.

Try to make the list of twelve points and bring in it that is pleasant to you in itself from the physical point of view. Get up in front of the mirror in a seductive pose and look as sexually you would look. Do it regularly, yet you will not feel self-confidence. If understanding of any physical defects after all prevents to feel confident, remember that in most cases the man will not notice your shortcomings until you do not report to him about them.

Position yourself in communication with men as the clear head and the beauty in every respect, and they will be delighted with you. It is the law of man’s psychology which any model has to use. Actually everything is very simple: men see you such what you yourself expose to them.

It seems to you, what it is not true? And unless you did not come up in life against a situation when the girl who is objectively possessing not the most attractive appearance has huge success in men while her girlfriend with a fine-molded figure and regular features grieves alone? In what the reason of such anomaly? Now understood?! The same! The main thing for model – is correct to position itself and to be self-assured – here the second rule which needs to be remembered and applied in work.

serious camgirlWell and the THIRD RULE which should be acquired before trying to achieve success on webcam show: men hate serious women!

The sense of humor is an integral part of a psychological warehouse of the man. The matter is that the majority of them constantly are under responsibility freight, on them presses a duty to succeed, solve for itself and for others and thus everything correctly and well to do. Therefore, men very often need a psychological discharge, laughter, in treating themselves and life it is easier. Men laugh and play the fool to remove an emotional pressure. When adult men have fun, they turn into little boys, at this moment it is much easier to concern thin strings of their soul, to gain men.

If you refuse to joke together with the man, you will wound him the gravity. It before you reveal, and you before it – no. As a result, the man feels unprotected and ceases to trust you. And unless it is necessary for you? Certainly, no!

So, I will sum up the results. You decided to become model on one of the most popular live sex portals. Before getting to work, be convinced that you perfectly own all technical questions, are guided in webcam software enough, know and are able to use opportunities which webcam the site offers in the order of models.

If the technical aspect of a question does not cause difficulties, be engaged in the appearance. Appearance of model does not suffer trifles. You have to be faultless, as the girl from the picture because, as a matter of fact, you also are going to become a girl from the picture – dream! And the dream can have no unkempt hair or the bitten marigold.

happy girl smiling

Well and, at last, correctly position yourself and develop sense of humor, laugh, joke, and you will get the mass of friends and admirers among man’s audience of the site.

Certainly that these rules will allow you to take only the very first, small steps to the world of successful webcam models. It is a basis, base on which you will develop further, to increase the professionalism, to study man’s psychology, to study correctly to conduct conversation and to do communication of the audience with you fascinating.

I wish you success and I hope that you, the clear head and the beauty, not only will paint eyes before an exit in online, but also will read books on communication psychology.

Good luck in your adventures on live cams!

Diana Hayes has talent to climb top cam models list


Diana Hayes is one of those fatal blondes that is really hard to resist. She is an amazing and talented webcam model that leaves no one apathetic and after just a couple of minutes of private time with her, you will be able to reap the benefits for quite a while. First of all, she devotes only a limited time for her followers on because the rest of the day is filled up with her “alone” time. She is extremely sexual and her followers can only take a part of her dirty fantasy pool. But that’s a really good thing because you will be able to keep revisiting her perverted shows and get enjoyment from always fresh fantasies.

DianaHayes livejasmin cam model

She is an intelligent and experienced partner and knows how to get the best out of your desires, which is extremely rewarding. And the reason she is so fatal is the fact that she knows exactly just how hot she is! She is confident in her sexual image and knows hot to work her body, find the best angles, get you aroused and finish you off faster than anyone else. And as she mentioned on her page, she is extremely sensual and loves to work her hips, which is a turn-on for any man. And even though she is only 18 years old, her experience is more than overwhelming like other models who are there not their first year, there is almost nothing she hasn’t tried but is still open-minded and loves to hear suggestions on how to improve her live show.

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Once you join her private session, be sure to share your kinkiest fantasies with her because otherwise you will be left regretting and wondering if she would be willing to indulge them. And that’s the main hook. Once you experience what she has to offer, you will question your every intimate relationship and none of those will come even close to the satisfaction you achieve interacting with Diana Hayes. The fact that you don’t need to worry about being rejected will produce the lack of fear of being too kinky or taking it too far. That will amaze you and bring out the deepest parts of your perversion and drive you to keep coming back to Diana Hayes and get the sexual satisfaction you are not able to achieve anywhere else. She is at the top of every list and is a must see!